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Metal Roofing in Stockbridge Georgia
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Metal roofs are durable and might even lower the cost of your insurance premiums since they protect your home so well. There are so many colors and designs that are available that you will find a roof that suits your home’s style.  Stockbridge Roofing Pros offers many options when it comes to the installation of a metal roof in Stockbridge. Our metal roof specialists are willing and able to answer all your questions regarding metal roofs.

The best part of a metal roof is that it offers unparalleled protection from any other try of the roof, but your roof may still sustain damage in some situations. If your metal roof needs repair, the solution can be easy and a lot less expensive than in traditional roofing. When you have your new metal, roof installed by skilled roofing installers that understand metal roofing this is your protection against expensive repairs.

Stockbridge Roofing Pros only work with top quality metal products that have an extended life and give a home an updated look. Most metal roofing is manufactured using 65% recycled materials, making metal roofs extremely eco-friendly.

Metal Roof Types:

Metal Shingles:  Works well for those who are looking for the durability of a metal roof but want the roof to have a traditional appearance.

Corrugated Metal: a good option for both commercial and residential buildings which have a roof design with a low slope.

Aluminum Roof: a lighter option that still offers durability and does not require that extra support be added to sustain the roof.

Steel Roof: a resilient metal choice that is very durable because it is coated with zinc.

Standing Seam: a popular style of the metal roof that offers enhanced leak protection.

What is the cost of a Metal Roof?

Since the metal used for roofing is a premium product it will cost two to three times more than a traditional asphalt roof.  Although less costly materials are available for roofing the trade-off is that you may never need to replace your roof and your costs for heating and cooling will be lower. The resale value of your home will also increase substantially. If you want more information about the exact cost, you can contact Stockbridge Roofing Pros and have one of our specialists provide you with an estimate once you decide on a style, color, and material.

Metal roofs last between 30 to 50 years or around three times as long as a traditional roof. You can choose both a style and a finish that suits your home and the local area the best. You may be concerned that a metal roof will be noisy, but it is no noisier than a traditional roof.

Since metal roofs utilize more than 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan, these types of roofs are ecofriendly. If you are ready to find out more about how a metal roof is a good option, contact Stockbridge Roofing Pros and request your free estimate.